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About SpaceHunt

SpaceHunt Game is a free game created by Xavi Esteve that promotes teamwork, imagination and thinking while being fun and easy to play.

About the game

The idea behind SpaceHunt was to build a game that could be played, effectively, in the meantime. Being busy people we wanted to create something that was fun but didn't require tons of hours to be enjoyable.

When designing the game, we aimed at these traits:

1️⃣ Collaborative

We think teamwork in multiplayer games is what makes games super fun. At SpaceHunt, it is greatly encouraged to be part of a Guild, which are kept at 6 people so everyone is involved. Teamwork in the game is vital to become powerful by helping each other. We also implemented ⚖ Laws and 💵 Taxes, in which players grab the control of the game by affecting vital aspects of its playability, which makes it really fun as a social experiment.

2️⃣ Enjoyable for everyone

Most multiplayer games end up being abused by power-players. We want SpaceHunt to be enjoyable both for players that dedicate tons of hours and for people that want to play every now and then. SpaceHunt does this by having certain features aimed at both players while still protecting young and sporadic players from abuse. This is something that happens in games such as Ogame and it makes people tired of it and they end up giving up.

3️⃣ Strategical yet with simple rules

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. --Albert Einstein

We think that games that make you think are more thrilling than the ones with great graphics. Text-based games let your imagination run, just like a book does, and once you get immersed in them they can be even more rewarding. SpaceHunt looks simple at first glance, but the ability to transfer units, have a market, guild-collaboration, or deal with timings and distances makes for a wide variety of strategies and calculations that makes it super fun to think and discover your own ways to become super productive, powerful, rich or smart.

At the same time, we want to keep things simple where its cumbersome, and things fun where it matters. There is no crew/workers to manage or other features that don't make the game more fun, they just make you work harder. We've aimed the game at making rules simple and calculations easy to remember (Intelligence, Battle, etc.).

4️⃣ Not pay-to-win

So many great games have been ruined by greedy businesses trying to make a quick buck… We don't want money to take out the fun of SpaceHunt. SpaceHunt costs money to maintain so we accept payments that are mostly meant to help new players catch up.

About the author

Xavi is the main Developer of SpaceHunt, he currently lives in Barcelona and works as the CTO of a Health Tech startup. He loves travelling, cooking, freediving, movies and strategy games. He releases a dozen projects every year for free, go check them out!

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