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📰 Board

A global board to post your message and promote/find a Guild, ask for trades, help… or else!

The 📰 Board is a great way to find a Guild you can join or if you are looking for members you can post a message to recruit. You can also use the 📰 Board to ask for a specific trade, ask for protection, a loan, etc.

You can post in the 📰 Board every 12 hours.

  • To see the 📰 Board type: board
  • To post in the 📰 Board type: board YOURMESSAGE

A few examples of good board posts are:

  • Looking for north-west guild, 500k score
  • Looking for South guild, 1.5M score, high attack level
  • Need help, will pay 500k crystal

Remember that you must abide by the Chat Rules when posting.

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