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๐Ÿ“Ÿ Commands

Commands are an easy and quick way to run actions or see information.

dashboard - Overview on your planet
buildings - Lists your buildings and their jobs
missions - Lists your active missions
destinations - Map of all discovered planets
units - Lists your units and their status
bosses - List of all SpaceHunt Bosses
msg - Send a message to a player by its username
mute - Mute a player by its username
unmute - Unmute a player by its username
mutes - Show all muted players
help - Game guide and chat channel
log - See latest events
stats - Global game statistics
ranking - Ranking of the best players
name - Change your username
description - Change your user description
guilds - List of Guilds
guild - Guild general info
guild_missions - See all Raids and Transfers from your Guild
guildmsg - Send a message to all members of your Guild
guild_leave - Leave your guild
guild_dissolve - Dissolve your guild, must be King
rebellion - Visit The Rebellion
newjobadvancedscan - Advanced Scan
newjobautoscan - Automatic Scan
newjobhyperspeed - Launch HyperSpeed
newjobbuildcrystalmine - Build Crystal Mine
newjobbuildbattery - Build Battery
newjobbuilddeathstar - Build Deathstar
newjobbuildengineeringbay - Build Engineering Bay
newjobbuildgausscannon - Build Gauss Cannon
newjobbuildhangar - Build Hangar
newjobbuildheavylaser - Build Heavy Laser
newjobbuildioncannon - Build Ion Cannon
newjobbuildlightlaser - Build Light Laser
newjobbuildmetalmine - Build Metal Mine
newjobbuildantimissile - Build Anti Missile
newjobbuildplasmaturret - Build Plasma Turret
newjobbuildradar - Build Radar
newjobbuildsolarpanel - Build Solar Panel
newjobbuildstarport - Build Starport
newjobbuildtechnologycenter - Build Technology Center
newjobbuildtradebeacon - Build Trade Beacon
newjobbuildwarehouse - Build Warehouse
newjobbuildsmallshield - Build Small Planetary Shield
newjobbuildlargeshield - Build Large Planetary Shield
newjobbuildbomber - Build Bomber
newjobbuilddestroyer - Build Destroyer
newjobbuildlargecargoship - Build Large Cargo Ship
newjobbuildliberator - Build Liberator
newjobbuildobserver - Build Observer
newjobbuildscout - Build Scout
newjobbuildsmallcargoship - Build Small Cargo Ship
newjobbuildwraith - Build Wraith
newjobbuildmassivecargoship - Build Massive Cargo Ship
newjobbuildpiercingmissile - Build Piercing Missile
newjobgcengage - Engage Gauss Cannon
newjobhlengage - Engage Heavy Laser
newjobicengage - Engage Ion Cannon
newjobllengage - Engage Light Laser
newjobptengage - Engage Plasma Turret
newjobextendplanet - Extend planet
newjobmanualscan - Manual Scan
newjobpublishtrade - Publish trade
newjobrepairunits - Repair and Upgrade Units
newjobrepairbuildings - Repair Buildings
newjobresearchhealth - Research Integrity
newjobresearchproduction - Research Production
newjobresearchdefense - Research Shields
newjobresearchtechnology - Research Technology
newjobresearchintelligence - Research Intelligence
newjobresearchspeed - Research Thrusters
newjobresearchattack - Research Weapons
newjobteleport - Teleport
newjoborbitalmaneuver - Orbital Maneuver
newjobgathersunlight - Gather sunlight
newjobminecrystal - Mine crystal
newjobminemetal - Mine metal
deconstructbattlecruiser - Deconstruct Battlecruiser
deconstructguardian - Deconstruct Guardian
deconstructbomber - Deconstruct Bomber
deconstructdeathstar - Deconstruct Deathstar
deconstructdestroyer - Deconstruct Destroyer
deconstructlargecargoship - Deconstruct Large Cargo Ship
deconstructliberator - Deconstruct Liberator
deconstructobserver - Deconstruct Observer
deconstructscout - Deconstruct Scout
deconstructsmallcargoship - Deconstruct Small Cargo Ship
deconstructwraith - Deconstruct Wraith
deconstructpiercingmissile - Deconstruct Piercing Missile
deconstructicarus - Deconstruct Icarus
deconstructrapidcargoship - Deconstruct Rapid Cargo Ship
reset - Delete or reset your account
canceljobadvancedscan - Cancel Advanced Scan
canceljobautoscan - Cancel Automatic Scan
canceljobbuildcrystalmine - Cancel Crystal Mine
canceljobbuildbattery - Cancel Battery
canceljobbuilddeathstar - Cancel Deathstar
canceljobbuildengineeringbay - Cancel Engineering Bay
canceljobbuildgausscannon - Cancel Gauss Cannon
canceljobbuildhangar - Cancel Hangar
canceljobbuildheavylaser - Cancel Heavy Laser
canceljobbuildioncannon - Cancel Ion Cannon
canceljobbuildlightlaser - Cancel Light Laser
canceljobbuildmetalmine - Cancel Metal Mine
canceljobbuildplasmaturret - Cancel Plasma Turret
canceljobbuildradar - Cancel Radar
canceljobbuildsolarpanel - Cancel Solar Panel
canceljobbuildstarport - Cancel Starport
canceljobbuildtechnologycenter - Cancel Technology Center
canceljobbuildtradebeacon - Cancel Trade Beacon
canceljobbuildwarehouse - Cancel Warehouse
canceljobbuildbattlecruiser - Cancel Battlecruiser
canceljobbuildguardian - Cancel Guardian
canceljobbuildbomber - Cancel Bomber
canceljobbuilddestroyer - Cancel Destroyer
canceljobbuildlargecargoship - Cancel Large Cargo Ship
canceljobbuildliberator - Cancel Liberator
canceljobbuildobserver - Cancel Observer
canceljobbuildscout - Cancel Scout
canceljobbuildsmallcargoship - Cancel Small Cargo Ship
canceljobbuildwraith - Cancel Wraith
canceljobextendplanet - Cancel Extend planet
canceljobgathersunlight - Cancel Gather sunlight
canceljobmanualscan - Cancel Manual Scan
canceljobminecrystal - Cancel Mine crystal
canceljobminemetal - Cancel Mine metal
canceljobpublishtrade - Cancel Publish trade
canceljobrepairunits - Cancel Repair and Upgrade Units
canceljobrepairbuildings - Cancel Repair Buildings
canceljobresearchhealth - Cancel Research Integrity
canceljobresearchproduction - Cancel Research Production
canceljobresearchdefense - Cancel Research Shields
canceljobresearchtechnology - Cancel Research Technology
canceljobresearchspeed - Cancel Research Thrusters
canceljobresearchattack - Cancel Research Weapons
canceljobteleport - Cancel Teleport
canceljoborbitalmaneuver - Cancel Orbital Maneuver
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