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Deleting your Account

It's sad to see you go! You can set notifications to low or mute SpaceHunt too.

Deleting your account will lose all progress you've made so far including your resources, purchases, Ether, research levels, units, buildings, guilds you've created, planets you've conquered and any other assets. This is irreversible, once you reset your account it will be impossible to recover and the SpaceHunt Team takes no responsibility for any loss or compensation.

If you just want to take a break from the game without losing all your progress you can simply Mute notifications.

If you are receiving too many notifications, you can reduce them by going to Settings and chosing Few notifications, or simply type the command /setntlow.

Step by step guide

  • Open the SpaceHuntGame chat
  • Click on the Menu (usually it's 3 vertical dots)

  • Then click Delete chat, a window will appear
  • Click Delete chat again

  • Your account will be marked for deletion and automatically deleted by the system
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