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🧪 Engineering Bay

Improves health, attack, defense, speed, production, storage and repairing of your units and buildings.

The Engineering Bay building allows you to permanently improve the stats of your buildings and units on each level.

New levels apply only to new buildings/units, anything built before the level advancement will keep its stats and you will need to run the job 🔧 Repair & Upgrade Units (from the Starport) or 🔧 Repair & Upgrade Buildings (from any turret or shield).

The stats you can improve are:

  • ⚙️ Production: Faster resource gathering
  • 🏢 Storage: Increase Battery and Warehouse storage space
  • ⚔️ Attack: Increase weapon damage for units and buildings
  • 🛡 Defence: Increase shielding for units and buildings
  • ❤️ Health: Increase health/integrity for units and buildings
  • 💨 Speed of units: Faster unit travelling
  • 🔧 Repair: Increases repairing rate of units and buildings
  • 🧠 Intelligence: Improve chance for Explorations and Radar Scans to get more intel and for enemies to get less intel from you

Extra Jobs

The 🧪 Engineering Bay will also enable you to run a few special jobs. Make sure to check out more special jobs at the 🏬 Technology Center.

💫 Hyperspeed

Increase the speed of the mission closest to objective.

Once activated, Hyperspeed will find the closest mission to target (or the closest arriving to base) and reduce the time by half. So, for example, if a Mission is due in 2 hours, it will be due in 1 hour. You can activate Hyperspeed many times, so a mission can go from 4h to 2h, then to 1h, then to 30min, etc.

It takes 15min to activate Hyperspeed, so if a mission is due in 14min or less, you will waste the job.

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