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πŸŒ… Era 5

24 September 2020 - Ongoing

This Era is going to be one of the most groundbreaking of all: tons of new features, huge map, evolved battle dynamics and more players than ever…

With the introduction of Mini Bosses and now that we have a few thousand players, the Universe is starting to become a Universe in itself, a huge place where the main action will be localized and close to you (yet nothing will stop you from visiting far far away if you need to). This is why we've introduced the friend command, so you can get close to your friends and own a zone to yourself. Planet moving jobs have also been reworked so it's easier to move. So no, don't worry about sending your units to the other side of the Universe because the action will be next to you!

Features coming this Era

πŸ“± New SpaceHunt Android App released!

The SpaceHunt Android App has been redesigned and is now much faster and responsive. The design has also been improved and it has a sidebar menu, progress bars and much more! Check it out!

PS: If you have a Google Account, please rate the game 5⭐ stars in Google App Store, it helps bring in more players which are needed for new features that are only possible with more players!

🌠 Moving close to friends

At the beginning of every Era you can teleport next to a friend.

πŸ‘Ή Mini Bosses

More than 50 new mini bosses have been added, these are much weaker than Bosses, easier to find, and will regenerate every Sunday.

πŸ•Ή Anti Missile

This new Defensive Building will be a great ally against piercing missiles and weak units.

πŸ”₯ New Battle dynamic: Fire rate

Units and turrets now have Fire rate, which is the number of attacks it does per round. This is a massive game changer and greatly increases the strategies to use.

πŸ’₯ New Battle dynamic: Exploding units

Destroyed units have a chance to explode and damage a random enemy unit. Buildings do not explode nor are not affected. This feature make battles a bit more fairer for losers, it helps avoid battles where the winner gets home with their fleet barely affected. More info

πŸ”§Turrets and Shielding Buildings can now repair

All Turrets and Shields can now repair themselves and other buildings. The Engineering Bay no longer has this job.

Other updates, tweaks and features:

  • Tax law range from 0% to 20% (default 10%)
  • Guild Lords earn 90% of taxes, Emperors earn 10%
  • Guild members increased from 6 to 8
  • Teleport needs less resources
  • Map increased to 10000x10000
  • Bosses have been reworked
  • SpaceHunt Boss is no longer at 0x0
  • The Rebellion moved to 0x0
  • Metal and Crystal production rate increased
  • Ether generation formula updated
  • Player score algorithm reworked
  • Player command shows battle stats (win/draw/lost)
  • Research Technology will require Ether later in game but other researches before
  • You can now disable β€œStorage is full” notifications
  • Several Units have been rebalanced
  • Ether Shop: Change your name after score 50k
  • πŸ“° Board to see player descriptions and find a Guild to join, trade, etc.
  • Many bugs have been fixed
  • Many other minor things have changed/been added, you'll encounter them as you play

πŸ‘‘ Top Players

πŸ”° Top Skilled

☠️ Bosses

πŸ”± Top Guilds

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