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πŸŒ… Eras

Eras are what's known as resets, don't happen often but do happen to give new players a chance to become top players.

Eras end when all Bosses (including SpaceHunter Boss at coordinates 0x0) are beaten, after that, a grace period of a few days is given for all players to go mayhem and have fun without repercussions, just before the reset and beginning of the new Era.


A reset means that everything is restored to the beginning: Bosses, guilds, user scores, resources, units, buildings, missions, research levels… Resets are a good opportunity for new features and gameplay improvements and balancing to be introduced.

Why Resets? They provide a chance for new players to reach the top rankings and for all players to start fresh and form new alliances, strategies and more.

Era history

These are the current game Eras:

πŸŒ… Era 1 (6 Oct 2019 - 23 Oct 2019)

The first Era of the game. Expect for a lot of things to change in order to balance the game as days go by, and for new features being added or changed.

Here's how the Universe ended:

Era 1 Universe

πŸ¦Έβ€ Heroes

  • MrVoid (πŸ¦… Cosmic Hunters)
  • Datae (πŸ¦• Sith)

πŸ‘‘ Top Players

  1. πŸ¦… MrVoid πŸŽ–28.42ᴍ
  2. πŸ¦• Datae πŸŽ–2.29ᴍ
  3. πŸ¦… Sermah πŸŽ–1.92ᴍ
  4. πŸ¦… Sethazazel πŸŽ–1.05ᴍ
  5. πŸ¦… Salv0z πŸŽ–1.02ᴍ
  6. Smeld πŸŽ–1.01ᴍ
  7. πŸ¦‘ Donkeyking πŸŽ–999.2α΄‹
  8. πŸ¦… Greenflow πŸŽ–883α΄‹
  9. πŸ¦• Colorfulglitterbabe πŸŽ–730.3α΄‹
  10. NeoHun πŸŽ–668.2α΄‹

πŸ”± Top Guilds

  1. πŸ¦… Cosmic Hunters πŸŽ–34.4ᴍ
  2. πŸ¦• Sith πŸŽ–3.38ᴍ
  3. πŸ¦‘ Galatic Dominator πŸŽ–999.2α΄‹

Full rankings and details here

πŸŒ… Era 2 (25 Oct 2019 - ...)

Era 2 is currently active!

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