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🔮 Ether

Ether is a mysterious and powerful resource that's hard to find.

Ether is a special resource that cannot be mined. It is stored in Warehouses along with Metal and Crystal so you don't need to worry about storage. Ether is a resource for later stages of the game, if you are just starting it will be difficult to generate it and you may even waste time and goods trying to do so.

Creating Ether

Ether is generated by explosions and high-speed particle collision. The best way to create Ether is by raiding players and bosses, or getting raided, this will generate Ether for both parties:

  • Winner: (BattleDebrisMetal + BattleDebrisCrystal) / 50,000
  • Loser: (BattleDebrisMetal + BattleDebrisCrystal) / 200,000
  • Draw: (BattleDebrisMetal + BattleDebrisCrystal) / 400,000

The resulting number is rounded, so for example, 0.7 will actually give you 1 Ether.

Ether is transferred instantly to your planet, there is no need to transport it.

Spending Ether

Ether is needed for late-game features such as:

See Resources for a summary on how each resource works.

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