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ℹ️ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions not answered in the Wiki, head to the Game Chat and we'll answer them!

✈️ Units

How can I attack?!

Slow down cowboy! You will first need to get some things into place: build a Technology Center and research a few levels until you unlock the Starport building. Then build a Hangar, then in the Starport build some Scouts… Then go to Missions and New Exploration to find enemy planets, then New Raid to attack those enemies. Sounds complicated but it's pretty easy!

What can be destroyed on a raid?

All units at base and engaged turrets. Turrets not engaged and other buildings are not affected.

Can I stop/pause a raid/mission?

You can tell missions to return to base at any time. But you can't “pause” them to continue later or redirect them somewhere else.

While this sounds like a really cool idea, it would make the game unfair. When someone attacks you, your Radars notify you of an incoming attack and you can gather intel and prepare yourself for the attack. If the attacker could pause 10 seconds before the attack, and execute it later at any time, your defensive strategy would be useless since you would become “sieged” waiting for an attack than can come at any time. This would make all defensive strategies useless since attacks would be completely unpredictable.

What does the duration next to the 🕒 icon mean?

The time it would take for a unit with speed 10,000 (Wraith, Battlecruiser, Guardian) to get there, see other unit speeds here.

If I have several stats for the same Unit, which one is sent first on a mission?

The strongest ones are chosen first by default. Modify your Settings to customize this.

What are the colors on the map?

Typing /destinations shows a map of all your discovered planets. The colors are as follows:

  • Yellow: You
  • Green: Guild members
  • Purple: Bosses
  • Red: Other players (if you look closely there is a lighter and a darker tone of red, the lighter is for players with less score than you, the darker for players with higher score than you)

Why can't I see my guild members in the map?

You can see your guild members by typing /guild. Send an Exploration to them to add them to the map.

Why do I get a "Planet is too weak, attacking it would violate the Interplanetary Code of Honor, we should go back." message when raiding someone?

⏳ Jobs

I upgraded health but my units/buildings health hasn't changed

You need to repair units (🏗 Starport) and buildings (🧪 Engineering Bay) in order for older units/buildings to receive the upgrade. New units/buildings will be already built with the upgraded health/speed/etc.

I spend all my resources and don't have any Mines! Am I doomed?

How the hell did you end up like this?! Don't worry, even though you don't have any Mines, you still gather resources at 1 per minute. So wait for 45-60 minutes and don't do this again! 😂

Where are my workers/labourers?

The working crew is managed automatically in SpaceHunt so you don't need to worry about staff/personnel. Buildings and units only require Electricity, Metal and Crystal to get built and function.

At SpaceHunt, we want to keep things simple where its cumbersome, and things fun where it matters.

🏭 Buildings

I ran out of space / How do I get more Planet Slots?

You can extend your planet for a hefty price with the ✨ Extend Planet job at the 🏬 Technology Center, but you will need a high level and lots of resources to do so.

New players should not rely on Planet Slots but on optimizing space as they advance in the game. Demolishing and constructing buildings is extremely cheap so do it often.

Do I lose my levels if I demolish the Engineering Bay or Technology Center?

No, your researched levels are kept. In fact, once you reach the maximum Technology Level, if you don't need the extra jobs from the Technology Center (Extend Planet, Teleport) you can demolish it and build it back later.

Can I have more than one planet/colony?

No, each player only has one planet starting with 100 building slots. Slots can be increased with the ✨ Extend Planet job. If you don't like your location or want to change it, you can 🌠 Teleport. You can also conquer other players that will pay you 💵 Taxes every day.

There are no plans on being able to manage multiple planets/colonies mainly due to how cumbersome it would be to manage them as a text-based game. One of the beautiful things about SpaceHunt is that it is easy to learn yet complex in its strategies which makes it fun for both casual players and power-users.

What happens when I have more resources than I can store?

See 🔅 Resource Overflow.

🛰 Game

What does the 🎖49.4ᴋ mean? How is it calculated?

That is your “score”, it's basically a count of how much resources you have, buildings, units (including levels and types), research levels, Ether and more. It basically gives an idea of each player's power. The exact formula is a secret.

Note that someone with a lower level might have a more effective upgrade path, etc. or better fleet design so you might still lose in combat, don't blindly trust the score of a player!

What does the 🔅 mean?

🔅 Resource Overflow, see 🛰 Explorations to learn how to steal from other players.

How much does Ether affect a player's score?

Quite a bit, the exact number is not published but it is easy to discover it by yourself.

How does SpaceHunt compare to Ogame, Xnova or Xterium?

SpaceHunt has simpler rules and conditions while being super flexible to do pretty much anything, it aims at being fun over complex, so you can either play it as a power user or have a good time on your commute every morning while enjoying other things in life.

What time is the server in?

The server works with the UTC timezone, this website will tell you the time right now and helps you compare it with your timezone.

Is there a Vacation Mode? Do players become inactive?

No, there is no vacation mode. Players become inactive after 3 days of not sending any commands. When a player is inactive, its workers won't generate any resources. Very old accounts may be deleted. To keep an account active you simply need to send a command (any, even just /dashboard).

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