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🐣 Installation Guide

If you're already in the game and want to get straight into building stuff jump to the Beginner's Guide.

If you've ever played Ogame, StarCraft, Barons of the Galaxy, Bastion Siege, Xterium, AD2460 or Astro Empires, SpaceHunt is pretty similar, except that SpaceHunt is simpler to learn, faster and more enjoyable from the start.

SpaceHunt is a text-based / browser-based, money-management and space-war themed massively multiplayer online game with incremental and idle features, this means that you don't need to be playing all the time, for example, sending a fleet to another planet can take one hour, so you can play while doing something else.

Game Overview

You are the πŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈ Commander of your own planet where you can have 🏭 Buildings and ✈️ Units (spaceships). From each 🏭 Building you can run jobs: gather resources, research skills, build Units, teleport, and much more.

Units enable you to: πŸ›° Explore the Universe to find other planets, πŸš€ Raids to steal resources (and defend from raids), πŸ“¦ transfer goods to others and πŸ’° trade too.

The Universe is full of other players like you, some are peaceful and some want to steal your precious resources. Apart from players, there are πŸ‘Ώ Bosses, which are super powerful, but you shouldn't worry for now, they won't attack you.

Starting the game

If you are already playing, skip this section.

From a computer, go to and click Start.

From a mobile phone, download the Android App SpaceHunt or from the Telegram App search spacehuntbot.

If you don't have a Telegram account, Telegram will guide you to do so, it takes 60 seconds.

Another thing you should know are the controls, if you've never played Telegram chat games, they are games that you play directly in a chat. There's several ways you can interact:

  1. The keyboard will change and show specific buttons depending on the β€œscreen” you are in
  2. When the Bot replies back, you can click on the linked commands (they start with a /, such as /demolish)
  3. Type / and you will see a list of the 100 most used commands, then click one of them
  4. Write it directly in the text box and send it like any other message

First steps

Head to the Beginner's Guide to learn what to build first and get defenses and attacking units quickly!

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