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🧠 Intelligence

Intelligence plays a huge part in espionage and counter-espionage in the game and is used to gather intel on your enemy.

Intelligence Level

🧠 Intelligence level can be permanently researched at the 🧪 Engineering Bay and can also be increased temporarily with 🇲🇴 Observer units:

  • When Exploring/Raiding: Each Observer sent in the Mission adds 1 level
  • When being Explored/Raided: Each Observer in base and not enrolled in a Mission adds 1 level


Espionage happens on 🛰 Explorations and 📡 Advanced Scans, the Intelligence Level of both players is compared between the sender/attacker/explorer and the receiver/defender/explored.

📡 Radar Advanced Scans

Intelligence Score = ( DefenderIntLevel + DefenderObserversInBase ) / ( RaiderIntLevel + RaiderObserversInMission )

  • 50% or less: Defender can see an attack is incoming but without details
  • 50% to 100%: Defender can see who is attacking and when
  • 100% to 150%: Defender can also see the number of incoming units
  • 150% or more: Defender gets full detail of incoming units

Learn more about the 📡 Radar.

🛰 Explorations

When exploring, if the exploring player has a higher Intelligence Score, he will be able to gather extra information on the planet:

Intelligence Score = ( ExplorerIntLevel + ExplorerObserversInMission ) / ( DefenderIntLevel + DefenderObserversInBase )

  • 50% or less: Defender detects Explorer and automatically attacks (Explorer has 1 minute to escape, Defender must have units and be strong enough to battle the Attacker for the Battle to happen)
  • 50% to 100%: Explorer detects the Defender's name, planet coordinates and score
  • 100% to 150%: Explorer can see amount of units in Defender's planet and available resources
  • 150% or more: Explorer gets full detail of units in Defender's planet and available resources

CAUTION: Intelligence reports cannot detect Buildings, Defensive Turrets nor units currently engaged in a mission!

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