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⚖ Laws

Laws are aspects of the game controlled by the Emperor, the Top 1 player in the game.

The SpaceHunt Universe is controlled by laws that can be changed by the 👑 Emperor, which is the Top 1 player.

Laws can only be changed once every 24 hours and require 🔮 Ether.

Law 🔮 Ether Min. value Default value Max. value
Daily Taxes 5 0% 20% 40%
Battle Rounds 7 6 8 10
Maximum stealing 7 50% 70% 90%
More to come soon…

As an Emperor, keeping the intergalactic citizens happy may help you sustain your throne.

Emperor Laws

Daily Taxes

Daily taxes collected by the 3 top players.

law tax 20 (will change the Tax to 20%)

Battle rounds

The amount of Battle rounds in a Raid.

law rounds 8 (will change the Battle rounds to 8)

Higher rounds means Battles will be more aggressive and destructive, resulting in less Draws, benefiting the strongest players and generating more 🔮 Ether.

Maximum stealing

The maximum amount of resources a victorious Attacker can steal from a Defender.

law steal 70 (will change the amount to 70%)

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