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🚀 Raid

Raids are combats/battles. Once all units arrive at destination combat begins.

Battle mechanics

The mechanics of battle go like this:

  • There are 8 rounds by default, on each round:
    • Each unit/building from both sides selects a random enemy target (unit/building)
    • Each unit/building (both attackers and defenders) deals attack to each enemy target at the same time, damaging its shield
    • If a target's shield runs out, health starts getting damaged
    • At the end of each round:
      • Units/Buildings with health of 0 are destroyed and battle debris is generated
      • Shields of surviving units/buildings are regenerated
  • If a player runs out of units/buildings he loses the battle
  • After 8 rounds, if both sides still have units/buildings, battle ends in Draw


  • Attacker wins: Attacker collects as much debris as he can carry, the rest goes to the Defender
  • Draw: Attacker collects up to 50% of debris, the rest goes to the Defender
  • Defender wins: Defender collects all debris


  • Number of Battle rounds is decided by the Law and by the attacker's Settings.
  • All units (from both Attacker and Defender) attack at the same time each round, this means some units might attack a unit with 0 health (and a shot is wasted).
  • You can use the Battle Simulator to simulate battles and get possible outcomes to help you decide.
  • Winning Attacker will first collect the Battle debris and, if he still has capacity, steal up to 70% of the Defender's Warehouse resources.
  • If the Attacker gets destroyed on the first round, he gets no battle report.
  • You can target unexplored destinations specifying the coordinates, for example: /destination111x222 will target the player (if any) at coordinates 🌐 111x222. Note that anyone that knows your coordinates can attack you even if they haven't found you via exploring, same goes if someone guesses them.
  • You cannot attack players with a score lower than 40% your score, same goes for high-level players not being able to attack you. Units will be sent back.
  • See Resources to learn more about Battle debris.
  • Raids consume ⚡️ Electricity.

☮ Interplanetary Code of Honor

You can only attack players of +40% your score. This is a measure to avoid strong players abusing newbies. Newbies can attack strong players, though.

When the ☮️ Interplanetary Code of Honor is triggered, your mission will be cancelled and your units will return back to base empty-handed.

When planning a raid, weak enemies (less than 40% of your score) will already be left out of the list of destinations.

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