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Random Tips

Here's a few tips and tricks you may not know.

Cool names

Names in SpaceHunt can only contain letters and numbers, but did you know that you can have them like this: LuckyShot? Adding spaces in the name will make the next letter become uppercase.

If you type name luckyshot your name will be Luckyshot, but if you type name lucky shot your name will become LuckyShot. Same with Guild names.

Schedule Message

Telegram mobile apps have a feature to schedule messages at the time you decide, this is super useful to plan your game for hours and even days. This doesn't work on the Web version though.

Timing is everything

Once you depart a mission you can only let them arrive at their destination or send them back so always time departures precisely.

Adding custom units/resources

When planning a mission, you can use the commands that the game gives you, but you can also write custom ones, for example, writing add1234crystal will add 💎1,234.

Save units from battle without sending them

As long as units are enrolled in a mission, they will not participate in an incoming raid! So simply create a new transfer and add everything in it.


Store as many resources as you can in them too! Once the Raid is completed, cancel the mission.

Ghost Raids

If you want to Raid someone and already have researched HyperSpeed, don't Depart the Raid yet.

Launch HyperSpeed and wait 14min, then depart the Raid! HyperSpeed will be activated 1 minute later and you will give the enemy less time for their Automatic Radars to run.

Know the order

  • When repairing units, the biggest ships but most damaged are repaired first
  • When sending units, the stronger ones are sent
  • When demolishing a building, if there are several doing the same job, the one that is farthest from completing is demolished
  • When applying Hyperspeed, the closest mission to destination is chosen, if there's no mission close to destination then the closest to arrival
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