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πŸ›£ Roadmap

Here's some features that we are working on. Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Head to @SpaceHuntGame or use the /feedback command.

Features with its own page

  • 🏦 Bank: The SpaceHunt Bank allows you to apply for loans and earn interest on investments.
  • ⭐ Perks / Specialization: A permanent ability that gives you special superpowers.
  • πŸ†š Wars: Wars are epic battles between Guilds.
  • 🎁 Treasure Hunt: Treasures are goodies for the lucky ones.

Other features

πŸ‘‰ Fleet prioritization

Sometimes you want to send the strongest units, sometimes the weakest… This is where fleet prioritization comes into play. For example, if you want to transfer weaker units to a repairer guild member, prioritize weak units,

You will be able to prioritize which units are added to missions first:

  • Weakest: Weapons + Shield + Health in ascending order
  • Strongest: Weapons + Shield + Health in descending order, default
  • Slowest: Speed in ascending order
  • Fastest: Speed in descending order
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