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💵 Taxes

Just as with any other capitalist society, taxes are part of everyone's life.

The top 3 players earn taxes over the rest of the planets. These taxes are collected every 25 hours and are transferred to the top players like this:

  • 20% is collected from every player's stored resources

Of which:

  • 12% is transferred to the 🥇 1st player
  • 6% is transferred to the 🥈 2nd player
  • 2% is transferred to the 🥉 3rd player

When is Tax time?

First question is, why every 25 hours? Taxes used to be every 24 hours but since we have players from all over the world and with different timezones, 24 hours had an unfair advantage to some of us. Collecting taxes every 25 hours rotates the Tax time by one hour every day so it is equally fair for everybody.

You can see when the next Taxes will be collected by using the command /stats.

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