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✊ The Rebellion

Interstellar coalition in a resistance movement against the imperialist galactic empire.

This feature is not implemented yet and is currently being studied. Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Head to @SpaceHuntGame or use the /feedback command.

The Rebellion's goal is to restore the galactic republic by dethroning the Emperor through timed attacks thanks to player donations.

Type rebellion in-game to learn more.

How can you help?

Players can donate units to ✊ The Rebellion, which will be used to attack the Emperor. Units wont be given back after the attack.

When do attacks happen?

At a random time every 3 to 7 days, ✊ The Rebellion will organize an attack against the Emperor (Top 1 Player) with all the units it has gathered from players.

The Rebellion may deconstruct excessive non-offensive units (Observers and Cargo Ships) to build more offensive units and balance its fleet.

Then it will send a Raid to the Top 1 player (the Emperor) of the Universe.

Note that if the attack is too weak, it will just serve to feed the Emperor and make him even stronger.

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