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📦 Transfer

Transfer units and resources with other guild members.

The receiving player must have enough 🛫 Hangar space for all transferring units, otherwise, the Transfer will be cancelled and return to the origin planet.

Once units arrive at the receiving player, he owns them, if you want some units back, they should send them back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there's not enough hangar space?

Once the unit/s arrive, they won't be able to land nor deliver the resources. They will be sent back to the origin planet.

What happens if there is not enough Storage for resources?

They are put in Storage, but every minute you will lose a certain amount until it reaches the maximum you can hold. Check out the Resources article for more information on resource overflow.

How can I send units/resources to someone outside my guild?

Create a 💰 Trade if you'd like to exchange goods with any player.


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