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🗳 Voting Polls

Everyone can vote on feedback provided by players.

Players can provide feedback through the game with the /feedback command and also through the Game Chat.

If the feedback/feature makes sense, we'll put it to vote through a Poll in the Game Chat so make sure you have Telegram installed in your phone (doesn't work from Web).

Voting Polls are ran for at least 24 hours or until most people in the chat have voted. Except for urgent matters which may be decided sooner.

On some occasions we will implement a Two-round voting (known as run-off voting in the US), usually for important topics or when the first result doesn't win by a great margin. This system makes everything fairer in democratic societies.

In a two-round voting, the voter votes for his favorite option. If no option has an absolute majority of votes in the 1st round, then the two options with the most votes proceed to a 2nd round.

When deciding on the development roadmap of new features, we use a WSJF strategy (Weighted Shortest Job First), meaning that even if a feature is voted first, we may develop another one first due to it being much faster to release so we can enjoy it sooner. You may occasionally see that highly voted features are delayed, this may also be due to the feature depending on other small ones first (i.e. Wars need the Guild Coffer, Laws need Ether, etc.).

Polls and user-feedback are subject to the SpaceHunt Team consideration, some great ideas sometimes need to be discarded due to several reasons: overcomplicating, off-topic, prone to abuse, etc.

Vote history

Change Battles so Attack power is based on health %. So that a heavily wounded unit will deal less damage than a 100% unit

11 Nov 2019, 20 votes

  • 50% No, same attack always
  • 50% Yes, attack based on health

We won't be changing the Attack formula for now.

Tax bug: What should we do?

8 Nov 2019, 20 votes

  • 60% Nothing, let it pass
  • 25% 4 days without taxes
  • 10% Roll 5 hours ago
  • 5% Other

Should we increase the number of members in a Guild?

31 Oct 2019, 17 votes

  • 59% 6 members (no change)
  • 35% 8 members
  • 6% 10 members
  • 0% 9 members

Ready to add some cool features to SpaceHunt. What would you like to see next?

6 Oct 2019, 9 votes

  • 34% Bosses
  • 22% Advanced Exploration
  • 22% More jobs
  • 22% Guild Wars
  • 0% Destroy Buildings
  • 0% Custom Settings
  • 0% More players

Do you want an Era reset when the final Boss is defeated?

21 May 2020, 64 votes

  • 55% No
  • 45% Yes

Since the results are not clear, we will run it again when all the Bosses are defeated.

Do you want an Era reset or continuous gameplay?

10-12 July 2020, 104 votes

  • 55% Reset: Let's wipe everything and start fresh
  • 45% Continuous gameplay: Regenerate Bosses and continue

This is a very transcendental voting and the following text will explain a bit further on what each decision means:

  • Continuous gameplay: Bosses will respawn after a few days of being defeated, game development will focus on the long term game. Resets will still happen but rarely.
  • Reset: We wait for a few days so everyone can fool around and then everything gets wiped, we start again from zero.

We are giving 2 days to carefully take your time to decide, choose wisely!

What would you like to see next?

31 July - 7 August 2020, 59 votes

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